Be back soon

 I haven’t been feeling like taking pics or videos lately. Sorry. I hope I will again soon. 


  1. hey, what's up?
    I've been following your content for a whole now.
    You probably wouldn't remember me, so I'm going anonymously.
    Well, there is nothing more to say than "I really love the stuff you post". You look like a really interesting woman, smart and naughty in a very hot way.

    Everybody has complicado moments in their livre. Even great people fall sometimes. You probably already know this. It's okay. Everything is gonna be okay. Take your time, relax, enjoy yourself, enjoy your own company.

    Don't demand too much from yourself. Remember that you are a person, you have feelings, you have scars, your own traumas and stuff you don't feel like sharing to anyone. That's okay too. You are still amazing for trying and keeping up for so long.

    Keep one thing in Mine, thought: You are not a burden, or ugly, or disgusting, or anything that your mind may tell. You are an adorable person, and If you need help to deal with certain circumstances, it's ok too. You are not made of Steel. Loving yourself is a really important part of life. It's okay to ask for help, to reach out for help, looking for a psychologist or another professional that is really able to give advice and/or medicate you. Your mental health is as importante as your physical help, remember that.

    I don't know if are going to read this, but If you do, just remember that there are people who you matter to. A lot of kisses, love, from the supportive and loving part of the community you created. An enormous hug from a lot of people. Be safe, Queen ❤️, we'll be wishing the best of hopes on your recovery.

  2. If you feel like venting about something, reach out for someone too. It's okay to expose your inner self a little bit.


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